IBL-600 Dosage Station

The Raf-IBL-600 dosage station is a complement to the RAF-BL Mixing System designed to distribute doses of additives into the injection machine mixture. The additive dose is monitored for each mixture and the measurement is displayed on the colour touch screen of the mixing system. The usage of additives can be recorded in database with the RAF-SpGraf software.

This system does not stir in the additives but only distributes doses of already stirred solution of additives from a 660 litre supply tub-container.

Powder based additives are mixed into water by hand or by a motorized blender tank.


  • Easy to clean
  • Accurate Doses of Additive
  • All Dosing is monitored
  • Dose rate as a percentage is controllable
  • Use of Additive is recordable in the Control System/Data Base : Raf-Sp-GRAF

Dosage Station Raf-IBL-600


The Dosage Station consists of the following parts:

  1. Additive (in liquid form) in Insulated Tub
  2. Sensor and Pump on Stand


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