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The power quality filter is equipment that was designed in collaboration with Icelandic electrical engineers Mannvit. The filter is unlike anything else in the world. This equipment is designed to reduce and correct electrical disturbances in electrical systems.
Originally designed for use on ships to correct electrical disturbances and reduce the workload of the ships generators. The design has been further developed as a mini version for use in various industries.

MARINE ELECTRICAL QUALITY FILTERS:          Rafbjögunarsía fyrir skip

ResultsThe Electrical Filter has been in development for a few years and finally has arrived at it final form. After a year long test, at sea, onboard the Icelandic Trawler GNÚPUR-GK11, the results exceeded all expectations. The workload on the ships generators were considerably reduced along with the air cooling temperatures of the generators. From 80°C to 33°C. Fuel consumption had improved far more than expected, as 3%-4% quayside figures had been recorded (BSI Certified), but during sea trials this equalized out at about 10% less fuel consumption overall. Also it considerably reduced maintenance of the onboard electrical equipment. We can say that a unique result was achieved.

It can be assumed results could be uneven between individual ships. How each ships systems can best benefit, and what improvements could be expected would be part of an initial investigation. Calculations on board with special meters to see how the ships electrical system actually responds under various workloads.


Electrical disturbance hides in many electrical installations in public institutes and in private industry. These disturbances can have effect on electrical equipment and meters. It can be both difficult and time consuming to prevent such disturbances. Small disturbances can have far reaching consequences, when sensitive electrical equipment is effected. The electrical filter can fix and prevent such disturbances, protecting all companies electrical equipment, at a single location.
The Electrical Filter can also be use in ships and on land where the workload on an electrical system needs to be reduced. The electrical filter reduces power use and lightens the load on the wiring system itself , in part doing away with the need to re-wire the power system and cabling or even new machinery.

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