About Us

On the 5th of May 1980 was  RAF ehf. founded in Akureyri, North Iceland. Originally an electronics and electrical systems firm, Árni saw the potential for development. He developed the firms versatility and encoraged the staff towards innovation and towards new product development . 

From the companys first control systems, with the T-chip sytem and PIC chips, to the powerful control systems in use today, Raf ehf. has always been the first use the latest technology to find solutions at all possible scales of complexity.
The emphasis on innovation and product development by Raf ehf. means that it can offer exceptional equipment such as Injection equipment, Ozone equipment and electrical filter systems.
The difference with Raf ehf. is our ability to deliver to our customers a complete equipment package, supported by a first class professional service.

Vörumerki Raf ehf,   RAF EHF.
Bćjarhraun 20
220 Hafnarfjordur


SÍMI: +354 462 6400
FAX: +354 462 6402



Raf ehf | Baejarhrauni 20 | 220 Hafnarfirdi | Tel: +354 462 6400 | raf@rafehf.is